Helping businesses optimize telecom
to reduce costs and enhance cash flow


•  Average cost savings 35% without changing carriers

•  Eliminate surplus voice, data & internet services

•  True consultant - I don’t sell telecom services or systems

•  I do all the work – minimal effort from client

•  Available on contingency - no savings, no fees

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“We were paying for some services we didn’t use and were not getting the best rates. VDL got rid of the waste and renegotiated with our vendor. Now we’re saving [53%] and paid nothing out of our pocket.”

Colin Williams, Owner, Smoke Tree Resort

“Our savings [27%] goes directly to the bottom line. And we are absolutely better organized and prepared now for managing our costs going forward.”

Jeff Lewis,  Director, Southwest Insurance Brokers


Smoke Tree Resort                                   53% savings

Southwest Insurance Brokers                   27% savings

Coldwell Banker                                       20% savings

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